Carpathian Mountains International

ecent experience has shown that there is very much that is precious in icons... Show our community what we were and what we will continue to be. Demonstrate that our beautiful and grand traditions are alive, that we are the bearers of a great native culture, that we carefully cultivate talent.
Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky

Custom made icons

"Can a woman forget her infant and be without tenderness for the child of her womb? Yet even it she should forget, I will never forget you."

--Isa 49:15


We live by the Golden Rule and believe that no sale is so valuable that we would compromise this way of life. Simply stated, your needs are more important than our gains. Our success is measured in customer satisfaction.


"To provide an opportunity for everyone to learn more about Mary, Blessed Mother and Ever Virgin and her role under the special title of "Our Lady of Perpetual Help"

"To sell a beautiful replica of the original icon of "Our Lady of Perpetual Help" that was painted by Saint Luke. This beautiful one of a kind interpretation was handwritten on canvas with portions of background decorated in 23K gold leaf by Mr. Michael Yorash a gifted and talented Iconographer who hails from western Ukraine.