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ecent experience has shown that there is very much that is precious in icons... Show our community what we were and what we will continue to be. Demonstrate that our beautiful and grand traditions are alive, that we are the bearers of a great native culture, that we carefully cultivate talent.
Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky

Custom made icons

The Holy Rosary

Bride of Heaven

With Prayers and Music in the Byzantine Catholic Tradition

For centuries and especially today, the Blessed Mother has called all of her children to pray the Holy Rosary in order to defeat Satan. In this unique package, you will pray and experience the Holy Rosary in the English language, accompanied by the mystical spiritual beauty and richness of prayers, liturgical sacred music, and hymns traditional with the Eastern Byzantine Catholic Churches. This production has been developed as an aide for private meditation with each CD having its own spiritual personality. This includes full choir singing of longtime favorite sacred hymns such as “Blahosloven Vseem” and “Veeruyu Hospodi” to Our Lord Jesus; and “O Spomahay Nas” and “Prosimo Tya Deevo” to the Mother of God, among other favorites!

May this program enhance your spiritual journey and bring you peace. May Our Mother of Perpetual Help protect and guide you always!

The Holy Rosary


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